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Submitted on
March 1, 2013
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Naturally you were inclined to horror movies, seeing as when most of your friends were scared it was a bit funny to see them jump. Not that you liked being scared yourself, however. So, when Cronus suggested that you and a few others get together for a scary movie night, surely you were in. Your circle of friends, whom all got along well at times, were going to meet up at your hive for an evening of popcorn, scares and laughs. Most of them were planning on leaving after a while, not really wanting to camp out on your floor; no matter how comfortable you swear your 'plush rugs' were. You right now were walking with Mituna back to your hive so you could clean real quick. After spending the entire day with said boy helping clean his room, you weren't looking forward to doing more at your own. Cleaning certainly wasn't one of your favorite things to do, especially doing it multiple times in one day. You weren't going to start complaining now though. Holding the teen's gloved hand tightly as he rolled on his skateboard, you pulled him along as you hummed under your breath. "Are we almotht there yet ___?"

"Almost." You gave your crush's hand a small squeeze,

As soon as you two made your way in Mituna sat on the counter, cheering you on as you cleaned. (It took about fifteen minutes for him to figure out how to get up there without falling.) Once done, you waited for your guests to arrive.

Movie after movie you noticed Mituna curled up next to you, practically in your lap, squeaking over every little thing. How was he this adorable? You barely paid attention to the movie, instead running your hands through his hair, or stroking the back of his neck in that silly little loving manner he seems to like. Sitting up after Cronus called him something of a 'sissy' or a 'wimp', he crossed his arms and sat next to you, trying to keep a cool act on in front of you.

Sure, it didn't last long, but him wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close, doing the little loving things you were doing to him was nice.

Once everyone started leaving, you decided you'd clean in the morning and bid adieu to your visitors. "Come on 'Tuna. You're staying over right?"

"Yeth! You know it!"

"Okay, come on, lets get you ready for bed."

Truth be told, it was easier said than done. Helping him get into his pajamas, seeing as he forgot how to get undressed, was only half of the battle. You also had to help him brush his teeth, comb his hair out and get situated on the small couch you had in the far corner of your room. Laying in bed, you stretched about and yawned, pulling your blanket up to your face as you started to drift asleep.

A shuffling noise made you snap out of your sleep, now feeling drowsy, you felt breathing on the back of your head.

"Pttttht...!" You heard in your ear, making you raise an eyebrow. "Ptttthhhhhhhhhhhht..!!! Hey ___...! Ptttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht!!"

Turning over, you giggled. "Yes 'Tuna?"

"Can I thleep with you?"

From what you could see, he was trembling, eyebrows furrowed and biting his lower lip. You knew you shouldn't have let him be involved in watching those horrible movies. Not that you weren't completely okay with the idea of him laying in bed with you, considering he loved to cuddle. "Sure." Moving over, your (e/c) eyes examining the space you provided for him as he then stood. "Get in."

Holding the covers up as he slipped under, you removed his helmet and placed it aside. "Goodnight Mituna."

"Night ___.."

Utter silence as you two stayed on your sides of the bed, you could feel the male's head darting back and forth as if he were looking all around the room. "Hey __?"


"C-can.. Can we cuddle? I'm not thcared or anything!! I jutht-- GAHH-- i jutht want to protect you!"

Oh, Mituna, you smooth, smooth operator. You giggled, nodding. "Of course, come here."

He quickly seized the opportunity and wiggled towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist as you gently placed your hands on his chest. Facing each other, he stifled a whimper as his head started darting around the room. Looking at every corner when he heard even the slightest noise, you suspired contently. "Hey, 'Tuna, it's okay. There's absolutely nothing to fear when you're with me."


"I promise."

A few more minutes went by as you gently ran your fingers against his pajama shirt, hoping to calm him down some. (It was a yellow shirt with little bumble bees on it; you found it to be the most adorable thing ever. Not to mention brought over the bumblebee slippers you bought him a few sweeps ago.) "Hey ___?"


He leaned forward, moving his nose against yours in a gentle eskimo kiss. His yellow cheeks were visible as you, yourself, started to blush. Trying to maintain your breathing, you rubbed back. "Thankth..."

You leaned back to place a small kiss on his nose before touching your nose to his once more. "Goodnight, 'Tuna."

"Night __..!"
Just a little cutesy thing I wrote up quickly. I hope you all like it!

Mituna (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
You (c) :iconmitunalolplz:
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